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We write software to make your life easier.

The Heavy Lifting

If you are finding that you need some help, think about custom software. A well-developed piece of software can do a lot of your business' heavy lifting. Whether is a product management tool, lead follow-up, online contest, mobile app, database integration, or quoting engine, we can write what you need.

Software for hard results.

Product Management

If you're looking for a way to manage your products from your website we can help. We have an great interface for product management and website integration.

Quoting Engines

Would your business benefit from allowing your website visitors to generate quotes online? If so, we experience integrating with off-line databases, spreadsheet or third-party software.

Customer Relations Manager

If your website is your main tool to generate leads for your business, we are able to provide lead and customer management tools with automatic communitcation to and from those leads and customers.

Payment Integration

When you want to sell your product on through your website, you'll need to accept secure payments. We have all the knowledge needed to integrate with PayPal, Moneris, Square etc..

Custom E-Commerce

We have the ability to create any custom e-commerce solutions. We are able to code any configuration, product detail, pricing, discounts, wholesale, minimum quantities and much more.

Online Shops

If your needs are less complex, we can provide a full operational online store. You will have the ability to add, remove, price, discount, and edit products.

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