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Branding & Brand Strategy

A brand is essentially a promise to your clients. It lets everyone know what they can expect from your business and the products and/or services you offer. It distinguishes you from your competitors. A brand is created from who you are and how you want people to see you.

Developing a brand. Properly.

Creating the right visual and message standards really solidifies your brand. It makes it easier for you and your staff to speak with your customers and answer the phone in a certain way. Setting design standards is also a must when you roll out any visual material. If it has got your name on it, it has to look good.

We will develop a consistent and ready-made language, including colours, fonts and pitches, that will be rolled into your marketing, advertising and web presence.

 Logos are very important, but they're just a part of your brand and brand strategy.

Logo design is only the beginning.
But Important.

Your Logo is the anchor of your brand.

A logo is the graphical "face" of your business. Through colours, fonts, and shapes, you can give an immediate impression about your company. Usually, your logo is your first point of contact for any potential customer. Having your logo designed by a professional will make all the difference when presenting your business to your market.

Evolve social media.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are tools. They are platforms that provide you a way to interact with others. Which is great. The goal of a social media strategy is to define objectives and goals and then decide how to use the social media tools to achieve those goals.

More often than not, clients come to us wondering why their in-house Social Media person is struggling getting any engagement with social media. Well, one way to think about it is that your company has a lot of different parts and people. It will prove very quickly that it's a difficult thing for one person to capture the branding message of the whole company. Creating a social media team is a great way to combat this problem.

A team lets you share the work-load of using social media and it will give you a larger pool of great ideas.

What do your customers want
when they visit your social media?

We can help you examine what your customers actually want out of your social media as well as looking at your competition to see what they're up to.

Also, we can show you some great techniques and logic to look outside of your industry for inspiration.

Social media objectives.

We all feel the need to be on Facebook or Twitter - but we should all take a step back and ask: why? Should you spend precious company resources on managing different social media accounts without knowing why?

  • Increase sales directly?
  • Increase your company's awareness?
  • Aquire new long term customers?
  • Retain current client loyalty?

That's where working with Colour {And} Code comes in. Our years of experience can help you get to these kinds of answers more quickly.


Are you and your team up-to-snuff on trends, functionality, and user expectations?


Learn what Twitter really is and how to express your message in 140 characters or less. #helpwithtwitter


Are you using LinkedIn to its full potential? We can show you how to interact with other business people.

A part of a bigger thing.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the execution, frequency, and implementation of a message. It could be anything from radio, to newspaper to Google Adwords etc...

Usually advertising is done through campaigns. These are larger, thought out plans to with different pieces and timing.

How we help you create campaigns.

After sitting down with you and going over your business details, we then design a comprehensive advertising campaign that could include any of the following:

Print Ads

Digital Ads

Corporate Videos

Radio Ads

Social Media Posts

Ad frequency

What is marketing?

Marketing is the whole pie of business strategy. It includes all of the ideas, procedures, research, and activities your business will use to help get your message to your target audience.

Advertising is simply a piece of this pie.

How we help develop your
marketing strategy.

We will sit down with you and do some fact finding. After we get the details of your customers, sales goals, growth potential, and staff capabilities, we will develop a plan to help increase your sales and get that competitive advantage you're looking for.

Market Research

Competitor Analysis

Demographics Analysis